Rhythm Factory “Summer” (Day 032)

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Rhythm Factory (Eric Scott/Day For Night) “Summer” Day 032.cd / download

Rhythm Factory (Eric Scott/Day For Night) “Summer” Day 032.cd / download

“Summer” (Day 032) shows Rhythm Factory exploring – while getting lost in a pre-Autumnal – new musical territory. Composer/producer Eric Scott is at his most spatial here, as Summer opens with a meditational trilogy: the beatless “AESM (Light Remix),” melding into the percussive ambient mindfield of “The Stenotelegrapher” and resolving upon the lush trance-drone of “The Acid Room“…

The fanciful and upbeat Northern-pop of “Deaf In Ishen” sets the stage, though the humble introductions are soon over, replaced by the progressive house of “Headboard” and “Okapi,” and flanked by the alternately eclectic IDM of “Lap Dog Of Luxury” and “14 Months Peach,” the junglism of “Bornes” and the drillier “Dark Pork,” and the light-hearted disco-distractions of “Acid Skiffle” and “Mondays Alive“… Train music for your next holidays abroad.

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