Peter Moraites “Cinemathematica” (Day 088)

CD / Download
Pete Moraites “Cinemathematica.” Day 088. cd / download

Pete Moraites “Cinemathematica.” Day 088. cd / download

Peter Moraites is by nature a visual artist, and this shows through in his musical atmospheres. From his background as writer, director, illustrator, photographer and editor, Moraites leans every instrument towards its most percussive qualities; emphasizing hammered guitar strings, pizzicato trombones, tentative but mellifluous piano lines, and the occasionally identifiable 4/4 rhythm pattern in an otherwise odd-sox of tempos and time signatures. The impression is overall beguiling, especially as he has only been creating music for just a year.

The forty-three exploratory works on“Cinemathematica” (Day 088) evolve through gentle melodic shifts and drones amidst colliding rhythm programs and percussion centers, where experimental ambience reigns in a fourth-world kind of way. Tense and anxious, while alternately hypnotic and beautiful, Cinemathematica elaborates upon the young artist’s multimedia and film-scoring potential. Never lacking in gravitas, these abbreviated compositions – many under two minutes – flow together or signal an editorial sea-change.

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