About Us
Carmel Mountain is known for luxury and sophistication
in the world of custom cabinetry. When Carmel matches cabinetry to antiques,
it becomes hard to tell what is antique, and what is not.
Carmel Mountain Cabinetry is a 4th-generation high-end cabinet company. We take
pride in the finer materials – this shows in the dedication and patience we have in
building our custom cabinetry. Carmel Mountain caters to an elite clientele that
only expects excellence.
Our master hand-carvers create original and highly-detailed work. Carmel's master carvers take pride in their craftsmanship and are recognized for their incredible
attention to detail.
All our cabinetry and door designs are manufactured in our own factory. This allows contractors, designers and owners to oversee their production of kitchen cabinetry and specialized pieces in a friendly work environment. General contractors, architectural and interior design firms choose Carmel Mountain Cabinetry for their clientele, who expect original creation, and excellent quality cabinetry. If you are a designer or contractor, you will appreciate how impressing your clientele and customers with quality provides you with a unique advantage in today's competitive market. Let Carmel Mountain Cabinetry partner with you to transform your vision into reality!
We are looking forward to working with you on your next project, to give you beautiful cabinetry and to create original pieces of cabinet architecture.