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“The biggest conundrum for an artist can be how to present the oeuvre,” begins composer Eric Scott. “That was exactly the challenge I faced with over 2000 works, some of which don’t fall into standard album/single release formats, and many of which are regularly being updated as they go from thumbnail, to demo, to final, to revised final! It’s a mess…”

NIGHTblog became the digital solution for a life lived online; with the full music canon in blog form of Eric Scott’s output within the Day For Night catalogue, as well as productions, remixes and collaborations. The decision was made early to use SoundCloud as the robust player and cloud platform to store the music, with extensively detailed studio journals, anecdotes and commentary from the author.

Each track is also accompanied by mood and genre descriptors, musical key and tempo info to make the music licensor/supervisor’s job a little easier… search “funereal” and “uptempo” and see what you get?
Purchase and download links also available.


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Eric Scott "Arcadia" (Solar Eclipse 2012)

Music Video / Original Soundtrack

May 20, 2012 :: Ring Of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse from Day For Night.

Music video from Eric Scott of “Arcadia,” set to the May 20, 2012 annular solar eclipse. The film was recorded between 6:20 and 6:35 pm on May 20, 2012, using a consumer grade-HD Sony camera, filming through 3 pairs of sunglasses from the front of the Day For Night studio in the north San Fernando Valley, Southern California.

Music track: “Arcadia” by Eric Scott (Day For Night) from Day 096.04 (DVD)

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