Day For Night "Identity Montage"

Video / Portfolio Work

Day For Night : Identity Montage from Day For Night. F53

Featured Work:
Day For Night, Herb, 1042 Voiceworks, Avenir, Commit, Commercial Realty Consultants, Crestone Group, Contemporary Visual Arts, Bluebottles, DNA2Z, Editions La Nuit Americaine, Eric Scott, Found, King FM Soundsystem, Kunstfabriken, Mr. No-Logo, NIGHTfonts, NIGHTlinkRail Project, re:Fresh, Rhythm Factory, Salvador Dalek, SEXUS Ensemble, The Von Trapps, Evolve, Felicity,, CraneFaces, ITCottage, Kristy Manning, Fuse,, Luke (Steve Lukather), Underground Productions, Naczinski & Associates, Project Scholar,, Tower Art Group, Tambu by Toto, WorldWest, UCIrvine Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, TSA Design Group, Herb Alpert “Music • Art • Life”

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