water rocks poetry

poems and paintings by Paulette Rochelle-Levy

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Water Carves Rock

Water carves rock
Into the crevices and splits of stone
Endurance holds with reliant support
Expansion nods only in the forgiveness
of sun-warmth.
Holding a dense molecular rhythm.
Rocks move from their own will
That bespeaks an apparent stillness.
Tenacious waters beckoning and sculpting
Water carves throughout longtime
A dark streaming that shivers past
And finally knows its way, deepening
Into the crevices and splits of stone.

Paulette Rochelle-Levy


Pulsing into the rhythm of moving water
Heart-beats in tune with the rocking of waves
Which gently carves throughout time
These solid old crags
That have endured thrash of storms
And night-time desperations
Holding their own, these rocks
Slowly eroding, lending their parts
To the feeding of the waters.

Paulette Rochelle-Levy

Harmonic Encounter

Ancient rock meets
This mountain stream
A convergence of stillness and movement
The view is intimate - a close up
A portrait of rocks, water, grass blades rooted
in sand
A small dam - a moment
Holding and pouring
Before the next invitation to descend.

Paulette Rochelle-Levy


The confrontation is predictable
The waves moving land-ward
Yet there is magic that happens
When rock interrupts the wave's tumult.
At the moment of the meeting
The crash and splash of now air-borne water
Yes, yes
- like a passionate kiss
Of a hasty lover cascading ecstasy
Effervescent, impetuous, flaunting
A wind-whipped cape of silver sea-foam
And then with a teasing tickle of tide
Restlessly dances away.

Paulette Rochelle-Levy

© 1999 poems and paintings by Paulette Rochelle-Levy