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2013_0511 : Nosedive Into The Future (Mix 2)

2013_0511 : Nosedive Into The Future (Mix 2)

An ambient ethereal studio collaboration touted as Cowboy Joe vs. Julie Android which produced some dark and elegaic drums, bass and piano. I created the track in one afternoon, while pursuing an experiment to apply some ambient shimmers to some guitar and piano, and I wanted a track to play with. The guitar was the […]

2008_0907 : Puss

A work in progress which confirmed my interest in writing some deeper, heavier, repetitively “circling” motifs, which could be given a later use in urgent espionage drama. “…Agent Reese flies propulsively through the air, catapulting past dozens of sniper rifles as he zones in upon his target, a thin, waif-like young thing who cuddles her […]

1994_0612 : Musical Anamorphosis No. 1 (in Am)

(1991) Composer : Eric Scott This piece was derived from my work “Parc de Sceaux” (which appears on day 031 “50 Minutes From Paris”). Arranged here for six pianos, the piece was also lengthened from the original 2:30 to a record 20:30 (scaling the tempo down to approximately 8 beats per minute). “Musical Anamorphosis” refers […]

1992_1024 : Detained (in Dm, 8 bpm Mix)

(1988) Composer : Eric Scott A radically slowed-down version of the track (Detained) which appeared on my first release (“3 Mains”, Day 001), and in which the concept of pedal sustain and delay is explored by multiple pianos over the course of 16 minutes, instead of 3. The work was inspired, in equal parts, by […]

1991_0401 : From Bombay With Love I

I’ve always had a tendency to write a lot more ‘middle-8’s, ‘intros’ and ‘outros’ before any real verses or choruses. This little segue ended up with various titles along the way… During the mid-late 80s, ‘From Baghdad With Love’ was its official title until the beginnings of tensions arose between the US and Iraq… otherwise […]

1990_1212 : Held (Cynthia Netherland’s Theme)

Another favorite piece from the 3 Mains project. I wrote it much later in the year 1990, as I was winding up the album and was finding that I could no longer escape piano music. It was also a reaction to the Suzanne Vega song Fifty Fifty Chance. Marie was a fan of hers, and […]