1978_0111 : Caribbean Green




This lively piece developed out of my interest for Jamaican steel drum music, a sound which had interested me ever since I first heard it being performed on the Redondo Beach pier when I was ten. I thought it was truly the most inventive and beautiful thing I had ever heard.

The tune for this piece was something I improvised in early 1979, when I had begun keeping my very first cassette tape of my ideas; just me whistling into a portable cassette recorder, or playing harmonica, depending upon the complexity of the idea.

It defies a clean time signature; anyone care to hazard a guess?

This one made no sense, metrically, and took me years to determine exactly what it was that I had written. The melody, to this day, remains unchanged, left-handed though it is, as the image it left in me was so concrete, and even though I had no musical knowledge of any kind yet.