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1981_0202 : BYSI (Beautiful Yes She Is)




B.Y.S.I. stands for “beautiful, yes she is”… This was my favorite song from 1980. In some ways a response to the Bonzo Dog Band’s “What Do You Do”… It was the second song I ever played for anyone. The first was Ema Seven which was nothing more than Em and A7 played as a vamp. The reaction I found was remarkably warm; my friends thought I had written a good song and had me play it for various music people. When I came up with the chord sequence for b.y.s.i., I felt the eagle had landed. C7sus4 to a C7 chord, strummed energetically on a six-string acoustic was exactly the sound I wanted to create. Playing that for the same audience only furthered their opinion of my writing. I am grateful.