1992_1005 : Technopolitan : Flat House (Remix)




Originally begun on December 30, 1984, this was inspired by a dream I had when I was very young, in which I was walking down a nice street in Paris, on my way to visit my cousin Martine, who was probably still eleven at the time, but in the dream had grown up and had her own apartment in a fairly metropolitan district in the 4th arrondissement. I had woken up with a very pretty picture of urban Paris with multi-storied apartment buildings lining both sides of the street as far down as you could see.

I remember arriving, I finding the apartment to be ideally furnished, except that we had to crawl around on our stomachs because the room was only two feet tall. All the furniture was scaled down to fit in such a room; the pictures on the walls were skinnier and narrower, otherwise it was a great deal, she told me. This comic dream left an amusing image in my mind for years, especially when later we arose to find that not only had the ceiling risen slightly, just enough to stand, but also that from this upper-story window, urban Paris was now racing by at about forty miles an hour, because the building had taken off and was running down the street by itself!

I began to jot notes down years later, when I decided that a song or piece of music might capture the spirit of this vivid dream. When I tried to write lyrics, however, they sounded very strange indeed.

As I continued to hive off parts of the musical themes which I had collected over the following years from this piece into other pieces like Dog on Ecstasy, I found it to be an excellent resource for Technopolitan, the disco-medley-anthology which I was assembling prior to my visit to France and London in April ’91. I took that tape with me to Paris and everywhere else.

By the time my last week rolled about, the occasion came up for me to have dinner at Martine’s apartment. As I strolled from the Cite Universitaire Metro station to her place over on Rue De L’Amiral Mouchez, I found myself humming the Flat House theme.

It dawned on me right there and then that I had predicted a very similar location in that dream to the one where she was presently living; a sort of genuine deja-vu… When I got back to L.A., I made a point of renaming that section of the piece Cite Universitaire, at least for its appearance in Technopolitan…