1985_1105 : Say No To Voices




I wrote “Say No (originally, “…To Glasses”)” between July ’84 and November 18, ’85 about my first girlfriend Maureen, and the a**hole I found out she had been with right before she went out with me. I thought, “This is great, but I’m not flattered if this represents her taste in men.”

I chose to voice my disapproval towards this greasy, spineless “Joe” whose brain lived only below his belt. In reality my anger ought to have been with the girl, whom at the time I would not blame, except in the plea: “Could you say no to glasses like that?”, meaning “How the hell could you screw some a**hole whose mirrored-glass facade of coolness are all too transparent to the rest of the world?”

This one is an anti-drug song, and it preaches, “Don’t do lines of coke then take someone driving, if you love them.” People somehow still amaze me.