1986_1101 : Love Counts




In November ’86, Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order (notably the Shep Pettibone remix) had just been released for radio, and I was in love. The sound, the song, the production values, everything.

The song I was working on at the time, “Love Counts”, also became a favorite of mine when I got the line:

‘Haven’t I met you somewhere else before’
Were the first seven words to come from your lips

which I wrote at the time about a peculiar emotion I kept getting from Erika M., a fellow coworker, who tried to play off her reactions to me by passing them off as something else completely. The music started off as a jam called Song for Rosa which is now the chord sequence during the chorus. Its alternative title was Airhead, derived from someone’s estimation of this coworker, which I dropped in favor of Love Counts after Thomas Dolby released his single of the same name.

The melody for the line:
Then when I told you just what I did
I saw two stars flash over your lids

is derived directly from a cassette I made of ideas in 1978, a musical hodgepodge of ideas which I had continually referred to ever since when I was stuck for ideas. This tape had featured me whistling everything into a little condenser mic.