1989_0301 : This State Of Grace




One of my “driving” songs from March ’89, when I was just coming up with little New Order-esque snippets right and left, but no complete songs. At that time I was listening to Technique in my car almost every day on my way to work, as I devised my daily strategy for sneaking away by midday and going unnoticed, while I ran about the town with M. The melody and lyric still represents that whole period in a nutshell; both the passion and the sense of frustration:

You’ll never know what I have been through
Or what this pain of mine amounts to
It’s something big that rings so true
But you’ll never see what I have been through

I finally completed it during the week that followed my return from France with S., in May ’91, for the lyrics were once again apropos, as they were 2 years before.