1991_0403-01 : Another Life




All three were songs I wrote with Doug between January and April of 1991. The concept was that he would bring the words to me and I would help him out with the music, in return for the production credit.

Another Life started out as Who Would You Like to Be? from this rough cassette demo that he brought me in the studio in January. An Italian friend of his had helped to write the guitar part, and I thought that the combination of the style of playing, plus the “baggy beat” of the tune and his decidedly “Non-Rock-and-Roll” vocals, made it far more interesting than anything else out there.

I ended up putting lots of keyboards on it and we played it for Guy, the owner-manager of Entourage Studios, who wanted to hear more. His interest was in trying to plug new acts with record labels. When asked, I fibbed slightly and said we already had two other songs ready, and would he like to hear them, and he sounded enthusiastic.