1991_0618 : An Affectionate Gesture




For An Affectionate Gesture, I wrote the lyrics:

I can’t get by without your company
Cause I’m in love with what you do to me
I can’t survive in such a mystery
Your secrets would wear it out of me

also came about in February ’89, while driving the 101 Freeway. They were later merged with the chorus section…

Must my heart explode like this
A million pieces fall like dust
Or is this wind a sign of bigger
Love behind this curtain falling

which was composed in the brief instant while I waited for S. to answer her phone during the month of February, when we had just started going out.

I wrote a melody for it later, while crossing Brompton Road in London, and entering Harrods.

It had become more apparent to me that this song was fairly important and had to be finished soon. The lyrics of this period are now labeled under the heading The Blue Period.

The song was completed on May 28, when I got home from Europe, after the joy of meeting S. for the first time, hence the words:

I feel your lips and parting them is so heavenly
The fatal kiss of this siren I’m wanting so desperately…
These feelings growing stronger nightly
Twist me as she burns so brightly

The song was given an extra burst of life by the exhilaration I felt while singing it as I took the 101 to her house on the evening of our first date.