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2009_0501 : MONDAY
BRANDING + SITEWORK DESIGN was devised by Greg Grunberg (star of NBC's HEROES), in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation. unites celebrities and Hollywood stars to ask questions and to provide answers on epilepsy awareness, and invite change in the public's false understanding and perceptions about epilepsy.
Day For Night designed and co-developed the Talk About It brand campaign through planning and strategy for a viral content, preceding the launch of the website which is designed around original video PSAs.
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Podcasts + Video

2009_0427 : interview with
                      Greg Grunberg
2009_0421 : Disability Matters Podcast
2009_0408 : CNN Video News Release


YouTube Channel & Stealth Video Series

Talk About It! Creativity Podcast
(Day 030 Addictaphone)
Articles + Press

2009_0502 : Stars That Care
2009_0420 : A Call To Arms in
                      the Epilepsy Fight
2009_0420 : GG Enlists Jennifer Garner to
                      Talk About It
2009_0401 : interview with GG
: interview with GG
Talk About It A-LIST

Greg Grunberg
Chris Pine &
          Zachary Quinto
Jennifer Garner
Ron Rifkin

Dr. Drew Pinsky


Milo Ventimiglia
Kristen Bell
Hayden Panettiere
John Mayer
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