Andy Lakey “Portraits”

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Artist Andy Lakey's "Portraits" (aka "Silhouettes and Shadows") mini-site - Art Direction and Design by Eric Scott (Day For Night)

Artist Andy Lakey’s “Portraits” (aka “Silhouettes and Shadows”) mini-site – Art Direction and Design by Eric Scott (Day For Night)

Silhouettes & Shadows is an ongoing experimental project of Andrew Lakey portraits, that examines the liminal boundaries of likeness using a minimum of subject information to generate the threshold of stimulus of sufficient intensity to produce a similarity. The process of capturing the mere tracing of a shadow cast by a profile, or the simple outline of a body part, such as a hand or a torso or a foot, as a methodology to eliminate extraneous detail, becomes a portal into a new dimension of artifact. The question is “How much can be removed before likeness is lost or new likeness is revealed?”

The Silhouettes & Shadows collection is a continuum of work that will be shown to the public in upcoming exhibitions and at select venues where the artist is making a public demonstration of the process.


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