Eric Scott “The Drowning Fish” (Day 033)

CD / Download
Eric Scott (Day For Night). “The Drowning Fish” Day / download

Eric Scott (Day For Night). “The Drowning Fish” Day / download

“The Drowning Fish” (Day 033) is a collection of contemplative-yet-upbeat pieces for electric guitar, with a shift of emphasis upon arrangements that “could be reproducible live”…This is not to suggest that Eric Scott has any performance dates planned for the near future; the composer/producer prefers the studio environment above all else.

“I really do love to play live. But there’s a wiser instinct that reminds me that I just need to keep away from activities that have that laborious feeling, especially repetitive scheudules of any sort. From day to day, my attention is constantly moving, I’m restless and so I reinvent music every day. I’m just not into the side of things that requires that performer’s discipline. In many ways, it’s at the heart of why I do so many of the activities I pursue today.”

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