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Salvador Dalek vs. NIGHTfonts :: Mission [Day 047]

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NIGHTfonts, an imprint of Day For Night, came into existence as part of a greater mission; to create and distribute new typefaces that read well with concern for the limitations of screen-based viewing.

“Control” (Day 047), the first family of NIGHTfonts, consists of 6 Truetype font faces available for Mac or PC: NF Stop, NF Order, NF Listen, NF Impose, NF Enjoy and NF Receive.

NIGHTfonts :: Style [Day 027]

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NIGHTfonts, an imprint of Day For Night, came into existence as part of a greater mission; to create and distribute new typefaces that read well with concern for the limitations of screen-based viewing.

“Style” (Day 027), the first family of NIGHTfonts, consists of 6 Truetype font faces available for Mac or PC: NF Stop, NF Order, NF Listen, NF Impose, NF Enjoy and NF Receive.

NIGHTfonts :: Gallery

Day For Night :: Identity Montage [Day 008]

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Day For Night : Identity Montage from Day For Night.

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Day For Night, Herb, 1042 Voiceworks, Avenir, Commit, Commercial Realty Consultants, Crestone Group, Contemporary Visual Arts, Bluebottles, DNA2Z, Editions La Nuit Americaine, Eric Scott, Found, King FM Soundsystem, Kunstfabriken, Mr. No-Logo, NIGHTfonts, NIGHTlinkRail Project, re:Fresh, Rhythm Factory, Salvador Dalek, SEXUS Ensemble, The Von Trapps, Evolve, Felicity,, CraneFaces, ITCottage, Kristy Manning, Fuse,, Luke (Steve Lukather), Underground Productions, Naczinski & Associates, Project Scholar,, Tower Art Group, Tambu by Toto, WorldWest, UCIrvine Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, TSA Design Group, Herb Alpert “Music • Art • Life”

Day For Night :: Identity [Day 008]

Book | Words & Images by Eric Scott


Eric Scott is a writer, multimedia artist, designer and composer… and in his 2nd book “Identity,” (Day 008) he explores the gestalt of Day For Night, presenting a variety of visual identities (alternating between the personal, and those created for his clients) along with other “messaging” from the Day For Night history. To create this work, Eric has painstakingly reviewed, documented and organized his own personal work, writings, designs & creative observations to present a cross-section that is the salient tip of the Day For Night (creative) iceberg…

In keeping with this approach, an abstract, occasionally surrealist, and mostly art-focused approach dominates the works presented, where “Identity” deliberately avoids the conflict of narrative, and instead interweaves many of Eric’s personal writings, notebooks and archives. A corner peeked-around when developing the identities and writings in a highly personal and visual setting… all of which, at its heart, defines the Day For Night approach.

“Identity” is a must-read for anyone who is a friend of the label, a client (or potential client), a lover of railway travel and/or urban explorer, reader of poetry or theorist of information architecture, or someone who is passionate about the creative process.

The full visual identity system, logo and sub-brands created by Day For Night, under the catalogue ID “Identity” (Day 008). As a matter of internal reference, this also includes identity marks for Eric ScottNIGHTfonts, Editions La Nuit Amèricaine, Re:Fresh, King FMBluebottles, and Rhythm Factory, plus the accompanying letterhead, envelope, business card, in-ternal communications (fax, invoice, etc.), and a free downloadable desktop utility for composers, the Day For Night BPM Calculator



One might question whether I suffer from schizophrenia to trade under so many different names… Day For Night, Rhythm Factory, Found, Kunstfabriken, King FM, Bluebottles, NIGHTfonts, Salvador DalekEric Scott?


Yes, perhaps in the creative sense I have trouble resisting identities…or too much spare time to think. Perhaps (also) my reasoning originates with a desire to differentiate projects by a discrete manifesto – a subset of artistry defined by an independent projects label, and an image represented in a series of curriculum vitae.


Eric Scott projects are mostly linked to my pursuits as an author or composer of instrumental, ambient, (minimalistic) compositions for other ensembles (ie. Sexus)…plus a few songs written while dabbling with popular music since the mid-eighties onwards…


Found, as another example… compiled entirely from sources I’ve collected over the years and not relying too heavily upon melodies so much as the settings and scenarios created; some poignant, funny or even sad…

Or Sexus, the funny little six-keyboard ensemble founded for the purpose of performing minimalist ensemble pieces of which I am but one member as well as chief composer…


10-day-for-night-king-fm1King FM is an ambient/dubstep/remix outfit…and what better source material to start with than the music of Rhythm Factory, essentially a techno outfit – me again, with an arsenal of keyboards – in which I play the three main roles, composer, program-mer, and producer (assigned three discrete aliases: Jupiter, Pete and Gez – The Sonic Investigators?) …But recent attempts to sculpt the upcoming releases “Push” (Day 022) and “Suck” (Day 024), not as electronica, but with guitars is part of the genre-busting we hear so much about…

The Von Trapps is me recording with singer/ lyricist Doug Green. Attempts made in the early 1990’s haven’t always aged the same as others (the presaging of breakbeat loops and no more electronic drums for another 10 years!) – still, the Von Trapps have been hibernating for quite some time now…there are but three recordings to this identity; a one-off perhaps, but as with most projects these things do wake up as they receive interest…


The eponymous Bluebottles album (slated for 2004), is a departure from the world of breakbeat and into a territory of jazz-halls and comedy. It really wouldn’t have that problem of sounding like it was done en-tirely inside a computer. (Even if it was!)


10-day-for-night-refresh2Re:Fresh is the online gallery where Day For Night’s motion media goes on display…

A temporary shopfront for NIGHTfonts, the foundry of digital and experimental typefaces, developed under the patronage of Day For Night. Font families are organized in groups by a particular thematic title (Manifesto, Control, Disorder, Mission, Style, Transit)…

So where exactly does Day For Night fit as a creative entity? What is there possibly left to say? It might be witnessed simply as a designer label, but Day For Night assumes predominantly a curatorial role in the big picture of internet theatre and the indepen-dent projects label: the proverbial camera operator presiding behind the creative lens, gently nudging the frame to the right or to the left.

10-008-nightlinkrailThe NIGHTlinkRail stations represent something internal to the Day For Night process; a creative embodiment on this specific type of willful misdirection. Which may account for why I tell people that NIGHTlinkRail is a work of fiction.


So what is Day For Night?


Day For Night originated in 1991 as a recording imprint and independent-projects label, based out of Santa Monica, California. Promoting multimedia while emphasizing a lightly-branded, personalized design style, Day For Night CD releases to date include works in contemporary music and new media released on CD, CD-R and the web.

In nearly-equal parts, the Day For Night Catalogue continues to offer an esoteric mix of creations — combining music, art, typography, design and literature. This imprint is not a traditional “record label,” – its commercial releases will be limited, over a course of time, to 100 total – while its push for to recruit new artists from the outside world is often shadowed by inner development goals – first, to release the full schedule of projects back-logged at this time, many of them still in the works. For this, Eric Scott occasionally reaches critical mass as Creative Director; every day, he shifts gears in his capacities as composer, producer, recording artist, designer, typographer, and author.

These endeavors also include software releases from sub-brand digital type foundry NIGHTfonts, which is currently designing experimental typefaces – as seen in some of Day For Night’s business communications – and for distribution via commercial outlets, for application in desktop publishing.

Day for night takes its name from a filmmaking term – creating the illusion of night-time in broad daylight by employing special lens filters. Within this term creative or technical misdirection is implicit – like any special effect that conceals or subverts reality. Eric refers to this, throughout his discussions of “Internet Theater,” one Day For Night’s “critical services” – as well as a personal design focus. One primary example of this is the self-initiated NIGHTlink Rail internet project, which first launched in 1997, and continues to evolve, slowly, as the Day For Night catalogue grows.

From its fictitious marketing campaign (“Take An Internet Journey By Rail – It Still Beats Walking.” and the mock train stations, NIGHTlink Rail becomes an emblematic parody of the label’s catalogue: CD project titles are also often referred to by name and, interchangeably, by catalogue number (“Day 001” through “Day 100”). This cryptic emphasis upon cataloguing and order also informs the schematic design of the NIGHTlink Rail Travel Planner – one that might easily be mistaken for a real subway map. The Station stops along this network also share and cross-brand Day For Night catalogue projects, amidst playful marketing “hype” banner ads that cover railway station walls like fly-bill ads.

Another similarity shadows the 1973 film of the same name, furthering a personal authoring style, as did the œuvre of director Francois Truffaut. Where Day for Night the film represented the filmmaker as the bemused subject of the same director’s own fiction, Eric compares this to his own continually “being at the heart of Day For Night’s big picture, and living inside many of the details as well.”

Real-world clients have approached and boarded Day For Night, demanding the finest in this brand of creative misdirection…from Imagine Television, Disney Online, Touchstone Television, to its inner Artist Projects network, Day For Night has consulted and delivered when even the most daunting levels of creative misdirection is in the design brief.

The sum of the label and its multimedia endeavors represent this artist’s vision – one that is largely self-contained, and occasionally self-referential – and one which Eric describes as part of his “personal search for an absolute truth about New Media.” Presenting a lexicon of sounds, textures and graphic possibilities, Day For Night consciously expresses its own subjective experience, as well as its human fallibility.


RE:fresh Partners :: Identity [Day 060]

Site | Identity Design

A weathered alley-side storefront, re:Fresh is accessible in a mere 15 second’s walk (one click) from the home site. At the gallery’s entrance, a tenant directory displays the following roster of tenant options, alongside a stack of door buzzers. They read:
1. re:Fresh Design Gallery
2. TonStudio
3. Poetic License
4. NIGHTloops Audio Library
5. The True Wheel

Converted from an abandoned warehouse site, the design gallery on the upper level showcases the graphic images of Day For Night and NIGHTfonts in an ongoing slide show and sound installation.

Other site spaces leased include the Day For Night sound studios, workshops for audio design, poetry and intermedia, and a lending library for customized industrial samples and loops.

A comprehensive virtual gallery and artspace, re:Fresh is the first of three virtual structures built for the public display of visual and graphic works by Day For Night artists.