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The Von Trapps

Keywords: Indie / Techno / Vocal / Melancholy

Presently hibernating, the Von Trapps is a one-off project created by producer/arranger/keyboardist Eric Scott with singer/lyricist Doug Green. Sporadic recordings made in the early 1990s foreshadowed ample breakbeat loops, and forsook electronic drum sounds for another ten years.

Von Trapps releases on Day For Night

“Sculptured” ( 1991 | Day 015 )

The Von Trapps

Genres: Indie / Electro / Breakbeat Techno / Vocal

Presently hibernating, the Von Trapps is a one-off project created by producer / arranger / keyboardist Eric Scott with singer / lyricist Doug Green. Sporadic recordings made in the early 1990s foreshadowed ample breakbeat loops, forsaking “electronic drum” sounds for another ten years…

Von Trapps releases on Day For Night

Sculptured” ( 1991 | Day 015 )

Von Trapps :: Sculptured [Day 015]

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The Von Trapps was a one-off project created by singer / lyricist Doug Green and instrumentalist / producer Eric Scott. Sporadic recordings made in the early 1990s culminated with “Sculptured” (Day 015) – foreshadowing ample breakbeat loops, and foresaken electronic drum sounds, disappearing for another ten years or so.

Day For Night :: Identity Montage [Day 008]

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Day For Night : Identity Montage from Day For Night.

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One might question whether I suffer from schizophrenia to trade under so many different names… Day For Night, Rhythm Factory, Found, Kunstfabriken, King FM, Bluebottles, NIGHTfonts, Salvador DalekEric Scott?


Yes, perhaps in the creative sense I have trouble resisting identities…or too much spare time to think. Perhaps (also) my reasoning originates with a desire to differentiate projects by a discrete manifesto – a subset of artistry defined by an independent projects label, and an image represented in a series of curriculum vitae.


Eric Scott projects are mostly linked to my pursuits as an author or composer of instrumental, ambient, (minimalistic) compositions for other ensembles (ie. Sexus)…plus a few songs written while dabbling with popular music since the mid-eighties onwards…


Found, as another example… compiled entirely from sources I’ve collected over the years and not relying too heavily upon melodies so much as the settings and scenarios created; some poignant, funny or even sad…

Or Sexus, the funny little six-keyboard ensemble founded for the purpose of performing minimalist ensemble pieces of which I am but one member as well as chief composer…


10-day-for-night-king-fm1King FM is an ambient/dubstep/remix outfit…and what better source material to start with than the music of Rhythm Factory, essentially a techno outfit – me again, with an arsenal of keyboards – in which I play the three main roles, composer, program-mer, and producer (assigned three discrete aliases: Jupiter, Pete and Gez – The Sonic Investigators?) …But recent attempts to sculpt the upcoming releases “Push” (Day 022) and “Suck” (Day 024), not as electronica, but with guitars is part of the genre-busting we hear so much about…

The Von Trapps is me recording with singer/ lyricist Doug Green. Attempts made in the early 1990’s haven’t always aged the same as others (the presaging of breakbeat loops and no more electronic drums for another 10 years!) – still, the Von Trapps have been hibernating for quite some time now…there are but three recordings to this identity; a one-off perhaps, but as with most projects these things do wake up as they receive interest…


The eponymous Bluebottles album (slated for 2004), is a departure from the world of breakbeat and into a territory of jazz-halls and comedy. It really wouldn’t have that problem of sounding like it was done en-tirely inside a computer. (Even if it was!)


10-day-for-night-refresh2Re:Fresh is the online gallery where Day For Night’s motion media goes on display…

A temporary shopfront for NIGHTfonts, the foundry of digital and experimental typefaces, developed under the patronage of Day For Night. Font families are organized in groups by a particular thematic title (Manifesto, Control, Disorder, Mission, Style, Transit)…

So where exactly does Day For Night fit as a creative entity? What is there possibly left to say? It might be witnessed simply as a designer label, but Day For Night assumes predominantly a curatorial role in the big picture of internet theatre and the indepen-dent projects label: the proverbial camera operator presiding behind the creative lens, gently nudging the frame to the right or to the left.

10-008-nightlinkrailThe NIGHTlinkRail stations represent something internal to the Day For Night process; a creative embodiment on this specific type of willful misdirection. Which may account for why I tell people that NIGHTlinkRail is a work of fiction.