Eric Scott Day For Night – Artist, Composer, Writer – Multipotentialite

Created in 1991 by Eric Scott Day For Night is a marketing, design and consultative studio, for his boutique indie music label of the same name.

Eric Scott Day For Night selfie

Key Musical Styles:
1. New Music / Modern Classical / Keyboards / Ensemble (“Avant-garde jazz-classical”)
2 . Avant-rock / Guitar / Textural / Instrumental
3 . Songs and Archival works (“Indie pop nonsense”)

Artistic and Professional Categories and Keywords :
Creative Director / Graphic Designer / Strategic, Usability, New Media Consultant / Motion Graphics / Programmer : HTML, Flash & ActionScript / Author / Composer / Copywriter

Eric Scott is a self-taught sound sculptor whose source material chiefly includes original samples of guitar sounds, home-made and found mechanical noises, analog synth gear and environmental field recordings. He readily admits the studio as his second home. Since the 1980s he has accepted commissions and has collaborated with other like-minded artists, to create works now found in the Day For Night label discography and NIGHTblog.

A multi-faceted multimedia artist, Eric favors production and composition over live performance. “Programming and sampling are ideal for my love of the studio as a playground for sonic artistry,” he adds. He has also written appeals on the subject of artistic, multi-alias schizophrenia.

>> Visit the Eric Scott Reference Microsite

Eric Scott – releases on Day For Night

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