DJ Culture

I’ve collected vinyl and mixes and remixes as long as I can remember. I don’t hesitate to think through what a remix would sound like, for most songs, I’m already adding the beats or the top loop in my head already sometimes during the first listen.

DJ culture began to heavily influence my music around the mid-late 90s through drum & bass and other breakbeat approaches, welcoming house (acid, deep, progressive, ambient), trance, breakbeat, motorik, IDM/EDM and other influences from the dance floor along the way.

DJ Salvador Dalek – aka Eric Scott (DJ) & Peter Moraites (VJ)

Did You Know…

DJ culture also plays a huge part in my inter-disciplinary show Epiphanies. The main characters regularly go drinking or clubbing, mainly so they can sit in a corner and scream above the music. NIGHTball, their main hang, has a differently themed club night 6 nights of the week and targets the above genres each getting one night per week, with Mondays off.

The club’s schedule and site can be accessed here: