Trip-Hop & Breakbeat

I use trip-hop as a means of expressing a bulk of my daily musical ideas because I can usually feel a groove going all day long and often it’s a comfortable, shuffle-y, settled feeling, and suddenly I’ll beatbox to that, to get an idea going and “release a bass line I’m hearing going round in my head”, and my brain will go, “uh-oh, I feel it, I’m going to go all trip-hop again. What’s up with that?”… I have this alter ego that wants to and could easily make music all through the day, using vocal-ese and beats to get everything started… In 2022 I re-organized my rig around this method I use to compose, so it’s increasingly trip-hop friendly… But it usually sits in the universe of background music I’m always creating to accompany everyday life…

Day 055 : Trypnotica – Live at Tripnotic Club Santa Monica

Did you know…?


Mid-2011 through 2012 I DJ’d as one-half of Salvador Dalek at a Santa Monica club “Tripnotic” and still didn’t come close to exhausting my collection of trip-hop and downtempo. 

An ARCHIVE of live sets (each about 2 hours) can be found here: