Graphic Design

As a Visual Designer and Artist, I mix my artistic skills with the mastery of a digital toolset – combining 30 years’ experience Photoshop, Illustrator, and most currently, AI imaging – with my personal love of photography to create original visual storytelling concepts – from storyboard to completion – with unique and imaginative imagery.

My job involves conceptualizing, designing, and producing visually compelling graphics, illustrations, logos and digital art.

Did you know…?

I taught myself graphic design essentially while standing in a series of art book shops on my lunch hour, planning a career move from Recording back in 1991.

For the next 3 months I would intern in a Sherman Oaks design studio, and I never had any design courses except one from my first year in college while I was attempting an architecture degree. Because I lacked formal training, instead I spent every minute, day and night with Imposter Syndrome, studying the history and reading up on every design discourse trying to compensate for my lack of a design degree. I would be offered an Art Directorship at that same studio in less than a year’s time, I had been so determined during my own self-driven “night school” while interning by day.