There’s Punk, and there’s Post-Punk… But PRE-Post-Punk, there was Fuzzknobs, the Rochdale 4-piece who climbed both the pop and the punk charts with original penned string of angular songs of love, desperation and band politics… “All I Hate”, “Cacophony”, “What Do I Know”, “Endless Laughter”, “Far Away”, “I Have Found a Heartache (and Its Name Is You)”, “I’m Not Depressed” and “Everyone Should Know”… They were the first band to introduce the 2:30 love song to Punk by removing gender-specific pronouns and singing only about eunuchs.
Steve Wankley, Mal O’Dorus, Gaz Whizins and, of course, Peter Sibley – “the face and arse of the band” – comprise the tightly sped-up quartet, best-known in the punk tabloids for their inner band-politics, silences, hiatuses, hiatal hernias, reflux and tourbus antics. Steve, the band’s other lead songwriter eventually provided an unhealthy competition for Peter, winding him up over the course of 4 decades with copycat songwriting digs. And, uncharacteristically, Mal, the drummer never spoke during the first four years in the band except once during a live (and originally planned for lip-sync) performance. They broke up in 1980 but got back together in 1989, and then again, last year. They are currently touring the heritage festival circuit and will be headlining the Aurora Nova 2020 Glarsetonbury Festival (No, they won’t – Ed.)

Notable FUZZKNOBS projects and appearances include: