Rhythm Factory

An electronic musical trio led by studio owner Jupiter Jenkins, releasing their recordings as “library music” income to further fund their audio research. Vini Jackson (bass, drums, electronics, pedals) and ‘special guest artist’ keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Peter Sibley (Fuzzknobs, Künstfabriken) joins notably for the band’s releases after 1994.
Through the 1990’s, Rhythm Factory worked through most electronic sub-genres, from acid house, IDM, industrial, techno, trance, big beat, progressive house, jungle-drum and bass and ambient.
Casting aside more traditional pop-star aspirations in favor of the more dignified calm (Seriously? – Ed.) of the dance and electronic charts, this is part of a carefully-crafted “wise move” according to Jupiter, non-defensively and fully on-target with the master plan laid with the original band blueprint.
(Document may be viewed behind glass at the Morrowvale Registry Office, between the hours of 9-3 most days of the week; ask for Val.)

Notable RHYTHM FACTORY projects and appearances include:

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