Electronic Music

I could go on about a lifetime pursuit to fully embrace all aspects of the sound world, from music listening to music making, through the use of electronics. During my business studies at USC I minored in music and began electronic music composition and underscore for student films produced during the years and immediately following my time there. Cinematica is the word I would later use to describe a sound world which didn’t always require a corresponding visual world, but at least tried to conjure one up at all times.

I’ve made work with my first synths since 1984, when I crafted my first home studio in a bedroom, and would continually grow that over the years while broadening my appreciation through the absorption of Krautrock, vintage electronica, IDM, techno during the 90s, and exploring all the subgenres of electronic music from that point forward to a point of almost alienating all of my friends, while certainly attracting a new and growing community of electronic musicians as friends.

This has influenced my work, with projects like Rhythm Factory, Mr. No-Logo, King FM, The Everyday, Salvador Dalek and Found – and leading to work in Progressive Techno, Drum ‘N’ Bass, Ambient, Dubstep, Trip-Hop, Downtempo, Leftfield and Musique Concrete sub-genres.

All of this can be explored fully at dayfornightlabel.com where the catalogue of musical works I’ve produced has been (painstakingly) recorded, and tagged with helpful “mood classifiers” too, since I first began licensing my music through the label I started in 1991.

Electronic Music

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