What I do
What I will continue to do,
and what I have to offer

What I need from the others

What would make an ideal consortium: namely, a unified purpose
especially, a team strong by its common tastes (which I am not sure we actually have in common)

What do we have in common?

What are my sales tools?
Where I’ve been;
•    The hardshell portfolio
•    The DFN Slide show (laptop only)
•    The Day For Night CDs (as a collection of objects)
(note: *Create a presentation case for this work?)
•    Day 019 Enter Active : The Commercial Portfolio
•    Day 049 Event Logic : a workshop in progress, a library of the written word, which evolves daily
•    Day 070 Hospital : a conceptual workshop
•    Day 060 Refresh Intermedia gallery

Where I’m going;
•    My reference library

What are my skills?
•    My eye for effective design
•    My ear for effective communication and the written word
•    My ear for music
Originator and art director of the audiovisual imprint Day For Night, multimedia designer, composer, musician and author.

The reason I do this is to leave things
better place than the way
I found them

Personal expression

I derive my client work from pre-existing personal work
there are no good or bad ideas
there are just ideas
waiting to find their ideal place

Personal tastes must a starting point for any work worth doing
therefore I have (essentially) close personal relationships with my clients
and with the work itself

I only seek out commissions worth pursuing based on endorsements that I can make
Sometimes, personal selling is 95 % of the work.
There is nothing I hate more than boredom.
I am never bored.

To keep a library of ideas on my computer hard drive means:

To never be afraid to reappropriate from oneself
(Thievery is the sincerest form of flattery)

an image gallery, of screens and images
of interactive toys
of movies
to remind me where I want to go,

To use as continual visual reference in client meetings
To use as inspiration in motion design
To deploy in writing
To deploy in music

Everything that is anything,
must also be a system unto itself
in the interests of making it teachable.

To leave things
Better than the way
We found them

What is a perfect system?

Everything I do emanates from reusable ideas,
Reusable bites of code
Reusable words
Everything must lead to something else
Everything must lead to something better

Forward movement is the only movement worth pursuing
In the long run
In the short run

Better to sacrifice the short run for the long run
And make wiser decisions in the present.
This requires a continual assessment of where I want to go.
Everything we do is poetry
in motion.

I have no-one to teach but myself at the moment.
Life is a continuous workshop.

Personal expression