Peter Sibley

Peter Sibley is punk royalty, and Rhythm Factory’s star factor. Peter was original founder of Rochdale punk band Fuzzknobs and had numerous college radio and chart hits during the 80s before joining Rhythm Factory in 1991. Half a generation senior to his bandmates, and filled with worldly knowledge from days of punk touring, he regularly whinges about the years in tourbuses with support acts like the Sniveling Sh*ts. Best regarded as vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist, he’s the ‘post-punk’ face of Rhythm Factory, while his technical expertise behind the mixing desk has also landed him numerous gigs around Morrowvale, such as an engineer at the local Northern Lights church, and giving him (and his numerous band activities) a welcoming space to record after lights out.
Peter Sibley’s chatty demeanour influences his podcast at the local Whinford Hospital radio station; hosting amongst other things a monthly “Mixtape” Podcast where tours listeners through his record collection while recounting anecdotes from his colorful past.
Although well known for his life of wanton experimentation, Peter is now married to a virtual woman, Rinko, who lives in a Japanese-made app called “FunjuDatingWives” available on the Google Play Store.

Notable Peter Sibley projects and appearances include:

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