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John Warwicker (Tomato) at the NYC Tomato workshops
John Warwicker (Tomato) at the NYC Tomato workshops

“Record the world in front of you
and in the edges of what you
cannot or will not see.” – Eric Scott

Excerpt from the brief for Tomato‘s workshops:

The workshops are a way of immersing yourself suddenly and intensely into the process and conversation that goes on within tomato. Several members of tomato are there to initiate the conversation, but the workshop really happens through the interaction of everyone there. A wide range of people from around the world with diverse backgrounds come together to create work. You not only learn a great deal from everyone around you but everyone learns from you as well. They are about creativity, art, process, life, philosophy, design, and the interconnectedness of all of these things. But of course I now have to ask if these things ever were separate from each other anyway? (more) (Courtesy of

Eric Scott (Day For Night) “June, 2001 in New York City was the setting of the Tomato Workshops where I met Peter Moraites, and formed an indelible bond and friendship. Much can be said about the 5 days spent at a workshop where I arrived with no concrete expectations, and left with a head full of dreams. John Warwicker, Graham Wood and Steve Baker (of Tomato) had created a studio setting that felt (for me) like a week-long break from routine, where the client work schedule got left behind in California, and I could instead inhabit this “commune-like” environment for creativity, where sleeping and eating came second to working and making things in a creatively charged space.”

Eric Scott “Polite” from Tomato Workshops NY, 2001 from Day For Night.

Produced for Day 1 of the Tomato Workshops NYC, June 2001.
An exercise created from my room at Hotel 17, Greenwich Village at 11:30 pm on a very rainy night in New York City. It was made using Flash and Macromedia SoundEdit; using a digital camera, handheld audio recorder and limited resources (certainly no access to internet, c’mon — it was June 2001 and I was alone in a dingy little hotel)… 🙂

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