“03 Clarify” Photo Set on Flickr

We enhance messages by intensifying meaning; by bringing our own life experiences into focus – the end product engages a clearer relationship between “subject” and “audience.”

Texts… Lettering… Signage…
118 images from between 2002_1130 – 2007_0513

1997_BaronsCourt_Tube 7mini1996_11_WandsworthSignage_m2002_0611_93_AttentionChien2002_0611_94_Jour-Nuit-NoP1998_0521_Sight1998_0521_Focus
13 _OneWay-113a_OrAnother-216cNoStandingHotelLoading-416dNoSittingOnSteps1999_12_LittleOldPeopleXing1997_WestminsterPhoneBox2Mi

03 Clarify, a set on Flickr.

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