CMS (WordPress) Site Development


Band From TV is a collection of (literally, that)… television stars who rock, for their favorite charities together.

The meeting of Greg Grunberg (founder, drummer & vocalist from TV’s ‘Heroes’, as well as ‘ALIAS’, ‘Love Bites’, ‘The Client List’, ‘Felicity’) with Hugh Laurie (‘House’, ‘A Bit of Fry & Laurie’) originally set the band’s dynamic in motion when they collaborated on an episode of ‘House’ and the rest is now history. With Bob Guiney (‘The Bachelor’) on vocals, James Denton (‘Desperate Housewives’) on guitar, Jesse Spencer (‘House’) on violin, Scott Grimes (‘ER’), Teri Hatcher on vocals, Brad Savage on bass and many other guest vocalists from Jorge Garcia to Wayne Brady, to Jennifer Love Hewitt, to… oh, the list just goes on.

Day For Night re-developed a new site presence for the band to complement their need for an easy to maintain site interface in light of their busy touring schedule.