The imprint catalogue for Day For Night, much in the tradition the Factory Records cataloguing system, is more of a curator’s definition of an artists’ catalogue… Rather, it is not of objects to buy, but rather of events and situations, (Day 001, Day 002, etc. all the way to Day 100) all placed within a single context – order from chaos with a contextual framework of systems and numbering.

This context is how we then choose to define it, when we judge whether or not it feels like art.

The rigorous nature and structure have manifold purposes of illustration.

The numbering system is about the predictability of all numbering systems. It’s about managing expectations. If you do something only once, the subjects of precision and consistency never come up, until the second time. By the third time, something structural can become apparent.

Why is structure and rigor important? We don’t know really, some days it just becomes clear that it’s what’s missing, especially when we fully appreciate chaos. Our eyes always look for pattern and order.

One might hypothesize that the only way we can actually memorize and learn is by recognizing patterns from chaos.