Our Approach: Basically — Say “no” to turnkey.

  • In the 1980s, having a business card meant you were “somebody”… back when printing cost more than about $30 for a personalized set, and not everyone (and their grandmother) had a logo outside their door.
  • In the 1990s, having a business card was the measurement for normalcy, and having a web presence meant you had your head out of the sand, and that you were actually looking towards a future…
  • In the 2000s, having a business card meant nearly nothing, and having a website meant you were basically now “average” (and not having one meant you were either some kind of mental defective, or possibly Amish)… and having a smartphone app meant you were probably an alien — and not to be trusted.
  • In this age, having any (or hopefully all) of the above, means you are consciencious about preserving the integrity of your brand’s equity, and that you are decidedly smart enough to see that the market is flooded with competitors. All of whom are trying to make a statement about their relevance in the very same industry which you have fought tremendously hard to have credibility in, while assuring your clientele that you are sincere and not in it for the “short game.”

The Day For Night approach to web development is about focusing on your brand and individuality. There are loads of templates and designs out there. Forget about them, they will add your (soon-to-be-“former”) brand and identity to the list of insignificant postcard sites, also known as brochureware, housed on a mass server and reducing your significance to nil.