Book | Words & Images by Eric Scott

Eric Scott is a writer, multimedia artist, designer and composer… and in his 2nd book “Identity,” (Day 008) he explores the gestalt of Day For Night, presenting a variety of visual identities (alternating between the personal, and those created for his clients) along with other “messaging” from the Day For Night history. To create this work, Eric has painstakingly reviewed, documented and organized his own personal work, writings, designs & creative observations to present a cross-section that is the salient tip of the Day For Night (creative) iceberg…

In keeping with this approach, an abstract, occasionally surrealist, and mostly art-focused approach dominates the works presented, where “Identity” deliberately avoids the conflict of narrative, and instead interweaves many of Eric’s personal writings, notebooks and archives. A corner peeked-around when developing the identities and writings in a highly personal and visual setting… all of which, at its heart, defines the Day For Night approach.

“Identity” is a must-read for anyone who is a friend of the label, a client (or potential client), a lover of railway travel and/or urban explorer, reader of poetry or theorist of information architecture, or someone who is passionate about the creative process.

The full visual identity system, logo and sub-brands created by Day For Night, under the catalogue ID “Identity” (Day 008). As a matter of internal reference, this also includes identity marks for Eric ScottNIGHTfonts, Editions La Nuit Amèricaine, Re:Fresh, King FMBluebottles, and Rhythm Factory, plus the accompanying letterhead, envelope, business card, in-ternal communications (fax, invoice, etc.), and a free downloadable desktop utility for composers, the Day For Night BPM Calculator