I was at a multimedia conference in San Francisco, and became momentarily obsessed with typing this when I should have been listening to the speakers. Truth is, I was listening — it was to Hillman Curtis, who inspired me so much that I went into “processing” mode — which is where I free-associate, and instead of taking notes that are a copy of what the speaker says, I let everything the speaker says guide the direction of a newly created piece, which I generate live.

What is Day For Night about?
• love
• creating a better world than the one we live in
• inspiring others
• being inspired
• acknowledging difference
• exploration
• a sense of place
• the contemporary
• the temporary

What is its structure or format?
• Taxonomies,
• Systems
• Structure
• Poetry
• Negative space (“club-style”)
• Dream imagery
• Music and mood

What is its Process?
• “i am never bored”
• consistency
• “everything is useful”
• serendipity
• reappropriation
• non-judgmental
• narrative
• parody