Over time, I’ve built up an Instagram channel as my celebration of the everyday. This book is titled The Everyday, but that’s not to belittle the subject matter; I’ve given a fair amount of love to every one of these images. Let’s face it, I’m not really a #nofilters kind of guy; I’ve always needed to apply my personal touch. While some photographers choose naturalism, each day, I feel challenged by the question ‘Why be ordinary’?

I mean, it seems logical, doesn’t it? I was growing tired of the stifling and often decrepit concrete-jungle, slowly overtaking my city… To conquer my visual disenchantment became my new daily challenge. I would regularly pull out my iPhone to focus upon one promising detail at a time, seeking out the exceptional in the everyday.

Drifting past the same details daily, in my routine as a parent walking with my child to-and-from school over the years became an opportunity to apply simple creativity daily – by training my eye to look and find the beauty in even the concrete urban still life that exists all around us. Our walks promised these small delights to behold, but only at the price of learning to appreciate all the beauty in the everyday surrounding me.

Aurora Nova is a reflection of this state of mind – an islet roughy 800 square km in area, located northeast of Scotland in the North Sea – and many, if all, or perhaps even none of these images might have been taken there. The Everyday exists in this world too. It’s entirely in the imagination of the beholder to find the beauty of daily life, whether in this reality or perhaps another.

Dreams are another collection, interspersed here as blended images, blending into imaginary dream sequences. Images in The Everyday form the narrative together joining dreams with waking life.  

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Day 093 Dreams
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Eric Scott

October 2020