Personal expression sells.

I derive my client work from pre-existing personal work. Ideas are neither good nor bad, but are merely awaiting to be positioned, and to find their ideal home.

Personal tastes have always been a starting point for any work worth creating; therefore I have (essentially) close personal relationships with my clients and with the work itself. I only seek out commissions I would consider pursuing over a longer term – endorsements of what we can make happen together. That’s because usually, personal selling is 95 % of the work.

There is nothing I loathe more than boredom. For this reason, I rarely find myself bored.

I keep a library of ideas on my computer hard drive. Over time, this has proven to become a really useful system. Largely, this permits reappropriation – borrowing from oneself – and believe me, thievery is the sincerest form of flattery. Thus, I keep an archive going at all times: an image gallery of screens, sounds, designs, interactive toys, movies. These are a continual reminder of where I want to go.

The library serves continually as a visual reference in client meetings:
• For inspiration in motion design
• For deployment in writing
• For deployment in music

Everything that is anything, must also be a system unto itself, in the interests of making it teachable. That way, we can leave things better than the way we found them.

I have always been fascinated with the concept of a perfect system:
• Everything I do emanates from reusable ideas,
• Reusable bites of code
• Reusable words
• Everything must be permitted to lead to something else
• Everything must be permitted to evolve, and to lead to something better

Forward movement is the only movement worth pursuing in the long run, and therefore, also in the short run. So maybe it’s better to sacrifice the short run for the long run, and to make wiser decisions in the present.

Personally, this requires a continual assessment of where I want to go. Everything we do is poetry in motion. I have no-one to teach but myself at the moment.

Life is a continuous workshop.