Once in a while, notice what happens when one person overwhelms another with information, on a sort of quantitative level. I like to notice this when it happens, it’s really interesting.

One day, Fred may be speaking to Lucy on a sort of authoritative kind of level — about servers and computers and streaming technologies. We can, for the sake of example, assume that Fred knows something about these technologies that Lucy has yet to full grasp, and he’s in the process of sharing some of that with her.

Before going on, it must be addressed, that there is a difference between Fred having the intention to communicate, and then there’s just talk for the sake of establishing a power relationship. Fred may be pcking up signs from Lucy that she’s getting fatigued, and he could exercise an option to slow down and clarify.

Fred loves the idea that he is slightly more powerful than Lucy, however; in many ways it’s what their relationship is based upon, so instead, he stays focused on the goalposts — the topic, which in this case is how servers stream information to five users at a time. If Lucy doesn’t address the overwhelm now, she has another option, which is to accept the status quo of their relationship, and to let Fred dominate. Lucy is tired anyway; the only differnce here is that Fred didn’t deliberately communicate with intention; it’s a by-product of what he was really doing, which is showing her who has the greatest power of endurance — the speaker, triumphing over the listener.

Why is this relevant then? I don’t know, it just is, really.