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Hommage à Luc Ferrari - Chronopolis D•U•B by Eric Scott (Day For Night)
Hommage à Luc Ferrari – Chronopolis D•U•B by Eric Scott (Day For Night)

The setting of this work takes the listener, over seventeen minutes, along a journey – from the factory (the birthplace) to the stage (youth – through theatre, spectacle and illusion) via the countryside (peace, retirement) and concluding in a sanctuary. This HORSPIEL indirectly references the human condition, from birth to death. …HORSPIEL is a tribute as well to the late composer Luc Ferrari, who passed away in 2005 and who is greatly missed by all those who knew and loved his work.

A guide to the original Luc Ferrari sounds used in the piece are available from this link:

Extract From Composer’s Notes by Eric Scott

…Ferrari introduces his Tautologie; whereby a machinist’s saw signals a Caesarean birth as the “Usine” groove smashes in, punctuated by sharp attacks and pulsations, and presaging the Shakespearean (Stratford) montage of violent battle, with sword hits and exclamatory grunts. Le petit train (Strauss) then takes us out… and into an atmospheric segment, leading us to an adaptation of an original Salvador Dalek work – “Doop” – remixed from the original replacing all original percussion with recordings of Luc’s… The peacock screech, intended to represent the danger element in the work…

…The ambient textures from Chronopolis : Sons Tendus Électroniques forming a pulsating audio bed beneath this piece which integrates breakbeats and fretless bass. Nearing the fourteen-minute mark, more of those damned peacocks, and the bells of St. Antoine bid their farewell to us as our train leads us away once again, revealing the organ sounds from Chopin : Ambiance Église Orgue et Marteau… and carry us away again through time …And we are left with the image of receding sound of footsteps in the monastery…