13-refresh-gallery-innerA walk-in or walk-thru magazine…a living periodical. Every month, the gallery changes. It is advertised, at newsstands, on television, and in other periodicals, with a repro cover image and masthead, but exists only in person…Readers may subscribe to it, and receive a discount…It is closed two days at month’s ending for set-up and reinstallation. Meanwhile, it changes and evolves throughout that period.

Perhaps its focus is artistic or cultural, and you might hear and/or preview music and artwork (curated by the gallery’s editor). There might be a few interactive workstations set up off of the foyer; a place to preview developmental software and new games… There would be a leave-behind for subscribers and patrons each month. 13-day-020-map03A gallery flyer or brochure (maybe a 24 page booklet, or an odd-size folder with scraps and found elements. Finally, a gallery shop which could simplify the ordering and purchasing process for the magazine’s patrons.