Look at the perils of discussing a New Age culture. Lots of metaphysical personalities are turned away from a cliché that is populated by unclear language, literature, and music. It attempts to integrate the metaphysical parts of human experience, at a counter-culture level, at the expense of conventional methodlogy, but also at the expense of an audience.

Which of course, is no label that a true music fan would ever have created. I mean, who would attempt to lessen the value of sound? Tritely, a label about belief, it promotes the fear and rejection of a methodology, by narrowing it into a stereotype. It leaves artifacts that appear to be from a clannish, cultish behavior, intended to exclude and filter, rather than embracing.

The problem is that it also attracts, as a predetermined quantity, a nihilistic audience by preying upon their insecurity as matched by the spectacle; it presents them with safe options, to create an illusion of security, a blanket of safeness through separatism.

Yet another musical form does become a bit secular, and private, which pisses me off. I mean, all things should be made for all people. The fact that some people just won’t get what you do, there’s really no dialectic to address that. Elitism is no justification for creating a piece of artwork or a religion.

Similarly, the school of thought that says that the something is better because it’s harder to get is really lost.

By creating sects, we reinforce a belief, which some people experience through that filter. Therefore, separatist behaviors appear to be separate from the world, whereas they’re all connected. Everything in life is connected.

The point of life is to know it, and to understand it.