Salvador Dalek Music Video

Peter Moraites “Hypnorama” Music Video (Day 077.dvd) from Day For Night.

“Hypnorama” (3:10 / QuickTime / 2004)
Director : Peter Moraites
Music : “Thingstuff (Hypnorama Stuffthing Mix)” (from Day 035)
Remix : Salvador Dalek (Eric Scott / Peter Moraites)
Made with Kellee Edwards Lawler (vocalist) and Marc Cobrin (engineer)

The film, “This Action-Adventure Hypnorama Experience is Hijacking Your Mind” was produced during the 48-Hour Film Festival, 2004.
Animations & Film Crew: Pete Moraites with Alyson Boote, Billy Martin, Matthew Lohse (Blue_9.a) and Tyson Patterson (Down-e-Fresh), Weston Higgins, Ari Raz, Lakie & Diante (Dee) Singley, Jon Powell, Shai, Deb Collins.

Download MP3 Commentary by Peter Moraites and Eric Scott (Salvador Dalek)