11-2003-0223-77-scenic9-catalinaWhat’s the difference between censorship and editing, really?

I guess it starts with intention, like everything else – when it’s someone wanting to control someone else’s behavior, it’s that “c” word. Whereas self-editing is always acceptable; it forms a grey area for some as an element of the artistic process; some artists just can’t handle the idea that any level of editing is necessary when the purity of the creative spirit should be experienced to the fullest.

11-2003-0223-76-scenic8-catalinaI’m of the mind that we are looking at everything though a series of interesting filters; we are always in a position to judge that we are also editing; that makes it less of a hot object when talking about intent — when getting through is the point, we surrender that judgment against art-attack, and say it’s ok to edit, that way we can make our point and get the hell out of there.