Site | Identity Design

A weathered alley-side storefront, re:Fresh is accessible in a mere 15 second’s walk (one click) from the home site. At the gallery’s entrance, a tenant directory displays the following roster of tenant options, alongside a stack of door buzzers. They read:
1. re:Fresh Design Gallery
2. TonStudio
3. Poetic License
4. NIGHTloops Audio Library
5. The True Wheel

Converted from an abandoned warehouse site, the design gallery on the upper level showcases the graphic images of Day For Night and NIGHTfonts in an ongoing slide show and sound installation.

Other site spaces leased include the Day For Night sound studios, workshops for audio design, poetry and intermedia, and a lending library for customized industrial samples and loops.

A comprehensive virtual gallery and artspace, re:Fresh is the first of three virtual structures built for the public display of visual and graphic works by Day For Night artists.