Strategic Web Development, Digital Portfolio & Site Refresh

London-based composer/multimedia artist Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner was gracious enough to invite Day For Night to enhance his informational site This latest update emphasises a forensics approach to design production (and most importantly, making the site mobile device-friendly)!

The development strategy was to aim for the ultimate; providing a comprehensive e-Commerce page, further improving all shopping and downloading options, developing an exhaustive discography providing fan access to all matter of rich Scanner releases and downloadable media as possible, and by restoring a thirteen-year old archive of newsletters, which reveals a fascinatingly autobiographical track-back through the history of the international sound arts scene since 1994, as told from the voice of one of electronic music’s prime movers, collaborators, and orchestrators.

For such a diverse recording and performance artist, this represents still but a small portion of Scanner’s recorded artistic achievement, as we also for the first time embedded Robin’s Flickr photo gallery – to show the world what a wonderful eye the man has behind a lomographic or iPhone quad camera!

Robin writes:

Around 2009, my good friend Eric Scott in LA, offered to create a new website for me, and it felt like a good time to do this, especially given the recent developments in mobile technology. Eric runs a creative digital studio, Day for Night, which is a marketing and consultative studio. With the advent of iPhones, iPads, Android and so on, he was able to ensure that visitors could finally also enjoy my site on these devices.

In addition, his strategy included a comprehensive e-Commerce page, improving all shopping and downloading options, developing an exhaustive discography providing fan access to all matter of rich Scanner releases and downloadable media as possible, and, most significantly for me, offering access to my vast archive of newsletters.

I’ve been mailing out a monthly newsletter since late 1994, on the first day of every month. As yet, I’ve never missed a date, and so, to be able to offer a comprehensive archive of these to visitors, was essential. Even for myself, they continue to offer reference points for dates and projects. It’s never too late to sign up either. Join up here.

Eric very soon became known as the ‘Doc’ for his ability to fix website issues with great efficiency, and always stepping in to save me when something had gone radically wrong when I tried messing with the site, or updating a plugin.

Eric continued to regularly service and tend to the website over the years, and in 2018 created another entirely fresh look for it. Simpler, more accessible and faster than before too, and with ever increasing demands for content, images, videos, this felt increasingly important.

Experience the strikingly dark beauty of Scanner’s musical and personal work here: