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Tall Grey Buildings ~ Malka Spigel ~ Video

Tall Grey Buildings :: Radio Edit Version (3:30)

This is the music promo created by Eric Scott for “Tall Grey Buildings” by Malka Spigel, which has an official release with the EP “Gliding” on the Swim~ label on May 19. Enjoy the trippy kaleidoscopic and time-lapse sequences shot around LA and London during 2013, and edited to Malka’s shoegaze/dream pop sound, and visually inspired by her richly colorful Lomo stills (https://bit.ly/1hLZr1X).

And, there is also a full length version too. This version matches the mix on the EP, preserving some additional Venice Beach and Santa Monica footage shot during the original videography.

Tall Grey Buildings :: Full-Length Version (4:23)

Tall Grey Buildings #malkaspigel Title Card - 00

Tall Grey Buildings #malkaspigel Title Card – 00

Malka’s songwriting and recording career spans back to the early 1980s where, as bassist and vocalist in the Euro-Israeli post-punk band Minimal Compact, she eventually met her future husband and collaborator Colin Newman (Wire). The two of them are also members together in the bands Immersion and Githead, and presently continue to work and tour with their original bands.

“Tall Grey Buildings” is produced by Colin Newman (guitar) with musical contributions by Ronald Lippok (drums), Julie Campbell (guitar), Matthew Simms (guitar), Uri Frost (keyboards) and Gil Luz (keyboards). 

Tall Grey Buildings :: Press Archive

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Swim~ “Millennium Screensaver”

Swim~ / Immersion “Millennium SwimSaver” from Day For Night.

Swim~ is the genre-busting post-niche label of Wire frontman Colin Newman and partner Malka Spigel. It celebrates its 20th year in 2013. The updated version of this popular, trance-inducing bite of ambient screencandy is now linked from the Swim~HQ  and DayForNight servers.

Download sites:
SWIMHQ.com Toys
or from Day For Night server:
Macintosh Control Panel (.hqx archive)
Windows Screensaver (.zip archive)

Swim~ label Homepage comprehensive by Eric Scott (Day For Night)

Swim~ label Homepage comprehensive by Eric Scott (Day For Night)

“The Creative Process” Colin Newman

Design, Interview & Editorial

The Creative Process_Colin Newman

The latest installment of the Creative Process series is an interview with Colin Newman of Wire, Githead and Swim~ / PostEverything, conducted by Prof. Aaron Prevots of Southwestern University. Editorial design and layout by Day For Night.

The Creative Process: Colin Newman