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Eric Scott & The Everyday :: Listine [Day 056]

Eric Scott & The Everyday :: Vigilant [Day 046]

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“Vigilant” (Day 046) presents eleven tracks by Eric Scott, leading with the Britpop-tinged “My Nature”, and merging smoky trip hop, brooding melodies and dark keyboard layers, with the occasional upbeat diversion.

Eric Scott & The Everyday :: A Priori [Day 043]

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“A Priori” (Day 043) collects ten tracks by Eric Scott, merging smoky trip hop, brooding melodies and dark keyboard layers, with the occasional upbeat diversion. “I wrote much of this in the early half of 1997. At that time, I was experiencing some turmoil, and documented almost everything in audio journals, and in the form of my guitar playing, which became very diligent, and very structured all of a sudden.

“Then, the project went on hold, as I began to deal with many of the feelings that came up during the writing process. The feelings were so intense that I never revisited the songs for almost ten years. It was like a magnet, finding so much power within this creative block, and so I considered it a great honor to finish and record all ten tracks!”

Eric Scott & The Everyday :: Tensmith [Day 036]

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A collection of acoustic demos, recorded between July 2009 and December 2010, and encompassing the entire songwriting catalogue by Eric Scott, for Day For Night/Editions La Nuit Américaine.

Eric: “In a way, this project represents a kind of re-invention; where the freedom of hearing oneself re-interpreted, as many as 20 years later, through an acoustic demo, frees one of the trappings of fashion, style, temperament, and leaves only the bare bones of a rather positive songwriting legacy in place. It was made with the intention of leaving an inspirational footprint, and I think it wholly succeeds.”

Eric Scott & The Everyday :: The Drowning Fish [Day 033]

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“The Drowning Fish” (Day 033) is a collection of contemplative-yet-upbeat pieces for electric guitar, with a shift of emphasis upon arrangements that “could be reproducible live”…This is not to suggest that Eric Scott has any performance dates planned for the near future; the composer/producer prefers the studio environment above all else.

“I really do love to play live. But there’s a wiser instinct that reminds me that I just need to keep away from activities that have that laborious feeling, especially repetitive scheudules of any sort. From day to day, my attention is constantly moving, I’m restless and so I reinvent music every day. I’m just not into the side of things that requires that performer’s discipline. In many ways, it’s at the heart of why I do so many of the activities I pursue today.”

The Everyday :: Official Site [Day 075]

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Eric Scott & The Everyday: Motorik :: Textural :: Dream Pop


The Everyday on Day For Night

Eric Scott & The Everyday :: What If [Day 026]

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This is the first page.

The objective of a blog with this title, “Obsessions,” is to share some of the reasoning that flows through the creative studio environment, and which influences much of our everyday lives.

There must be power in the written word. That is not an ambitious plea; it is an imperative. Otherwise, there would be little reason to spend so much time dressing it up with a nice-looking layout and an appropriate font.

Day For Night produces design, among other things. But more importantly, Day For Night is a content-creation studio, producing strategic and creative solutions for other brands. Our work is never really over. Ideas never stop flowing, even with a published piece of design or music – and after hours, this blog is one more example of where our ideas go.

Now read on…

Eric Scott & The Everyday :: Waterfalls [Day 016]

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The brooding “Waterfalls” (Day 016) is an odd diversion from a mostly instrumental legacy, but Eric Scott puts the record straight: “I’ve always been attracted to dark songs. I wrote this one to be slow, evem though I’m truly not into ballads. After having played all the instruments, sang all of the parts, I started “frowning down” upon it; because it felt out of place, and after my avoidance in a career in serious songwriting it just didn’t fully work.

“So then, it’s about ten years later, and my girlfriend (who is now my wife) goes and remixes the song as a birthday surprise to me, and makes it about 30 percent faster – I love this remix!”