It’s a very man-made idea, isn’t it!
We think often in terms of a dimensional universe, where we’ve assigned time to be that “unseen” one — just like cartoon characters can’t see the third dimension, we are unable to see time; and yet we assume that it controls us.

It’s an interesting hypothesis, that perhaps time is not that important. That perhaps it’s a man-made idea that can actually be appreciated where the notion time-travel could be approximated through spells of stillness; namely, where the human condition begins to reverse its trend of acceleration – more, senselessly, more, faster, faster – and instead begins to witness the effects of stillness upon the body.

Patience and stillness appear to be somehow related. Few people we know express a consciously-created lifestyle of deliberate inactivity; it seems anathema to our times. Yet stillness appears to be a metaphor for focus,