OK. So “Operation Iraqi Freedom” starts up full force on our TVs on Tuesday, March 25. Only it’s got other names, on different net-works. CBS calls their spin on the war while NBC uses the president’s lingo, “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Looks like someone’s sucking up a little.

The nightly news on ABC actually features an editorial from a media-studies guy, who dissects the 3 different brands, and assures the viewers that they are being lied to in three different containers. So choose wisely.

It was actually the most engaging part of watching the whole spectacle. Could you imagine the creative meetings that took place to get these identities? Can you picture the kind of behaviors that accompanied the agency/designers’ motivation…to keep the war “sexy”…?

Designer: “I want to make the coooolest logo… for the war? Because think of the opportunities? If we came up with the official brand for the war, we could charge a lot for that.”…Operation Iraqi Freedom…“Hey, we got to create the style sheet!” Hey, that opens doors. You might get to pick the font for the apocalypse.

That’s the integration of the spectacle, in case you didn’t notice.

There are moments when I want to choke on my own sick.